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Nalinporn Condohome

Muang Chon Buri Chonburi

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rental rate :
4,500 - 5,000THB/month
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Information about Nalinporn Condohome

  • Monthly:

    4,500 - 5,000THB/month
  • Deposit:

    Please contact
  • Advance payment:

    Please contact
  • Electric price:

    Please contact
  • Water price:

    Please contact
  • Service fee:

    Please contact
  • Phone:

    No phone service
  • Internet:

    No internet service

Room Type

Room Type
Monthly Rental
(Contract 1 year)
Daily Rental
Short Contract
Room Status
4,500 - 5,000 THB


Air Conditioner
Water Heater
Kitchen Stove
In-room WIFI
Cable TV
Bicycle Parking
Security keycard
Security finger print
Restaurant/Food Shop
Convenient Store
Beauty Salon in Building
EV Charger

Nearby Places

Shopping Mall/Market

  • Central Plaza Chonburi(51)2.9 km. away
  • Ninja Market(50)320 m. away
  • Makro Chonburi(47)2.8 km. away
  • Big C Extra Chonburi (60)3 km. away
  • Big C Chonburi(61)3.4 km. away

Nearby neighborhoods

Nearby districts

  • Muang Chon Buri(546)
  • Ban Bung(27)
  • Nong Yai(0)
  • Bang Lamung(248)
  • Phan Thong(67)
  • Phanat Nikhom(12)
  • Si Racha(324)
  • Ko Sichang(0)
  • Sattahip(24)
  • Bo Thong(0)
  • Ko Chan(0)
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