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Charoennakorn Place

Bang Lam Phu Lang Khlong San Bangkok

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rental rate :
6,000 - 14,000THB/month

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Information about Charoennakorn Place

Discover tranquility life in town "Charoennakorn 34/2" ,

friendly neighborhood, 5 minutes away from BTS Skytrain Krungthon Buri,

surrounded by various type of food from street food to mall , The River City,

Senafest. Fully Built-in Furniture with Free Wi-Fi, high quality security

key card for door lock, washing machine, and car parking are all

provided for you!

The space

Charoennakorn Place is a new apartment building located on Charoennakorn rd soi 34/2.   Our apartment is a long-term renting minimum for 1 month. The apartment has three buildings facing one another with balcony.

Room Features

TYPE 1 - Deluxe (Single Bed) , Private bathroom, balcony, Working/ Make up desk,     Built-in Closet, Air-conditioner, etc., (As shown in the pictures)

TYPE 2 - Deluxe (Twins Bed) suitable for 2 people , other facilities are same with TYPE 1

You can get access to the building via a key card. CCTV recording all time on      the public area. We are creating this space for long-term travelers, expats, explorers, students, and even for the office employees who spend life working around clock, etc. We are aiming to facilitate their lives and wishing them have a great time during their stays.

The neighborhood

The Charoennakorn Place is in residential zone of Bangkok. The community is surrounded by local Bangkokian families living very peacefully. Foods are all around where you can find variety of food with reasonable price.

Landmarks :

- The River City


-BTS Krungthon Buri



-Police Station 

-Smitivej Hospital (Thon Buri)                               


Getting around

Easy Transportation - Taxis, buses, Motorcycle service are nearby in just a few steps. Takes only 5 mins travel to BTS Krungthon Buri skytrain (2.3 KM)

  • Monthly:

    6,000 - 14,000THB/month
  • Deposit:

    1 month
  • Advance payment:

    1 month
  • Electric price:

    Please contact
  • Water price:

    Please contact
  • Service fee:

  • Phone:

    No phone service
  • Internet:


Room Type

Room Type
Monthly Rental
(Contract 1 year)
Daily Rental
Short Contract
Room Status
bed room
60 sq.m.
14,000 THB
bed room
30 sq.m.
6,000 - 7,500 THB


Air Conditioner
Water Heater
Bicycle Parking
In-room WIFI
Cable TV
Security keycard
Security finger print
Restaurant/Food Shop
Convenient Store
Beauty Salon in Building
EV Charger

Nearby Places

Nearby trains

  • BTS Wongwian Yai(65)970 m. away
  • BTS Krung Thon Buri(74)1 km. away

Shopping Mall/Market

Nearby neighborhoods

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