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  • Apartment in Nonthaburi
  • Bang Yai

Baan An-chan

Bang Yai Nonthaburi

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rental rate :
5,200 - 5,400THB/month

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Information about Baan An-chan

Baan An-chan

5 minutes walk to MRT - Talat Bangyai
10 minutes walk to IKEA Bangyai ,Central Westgate

Clean and safety
Parking is allow in front of the building but there is no private parking area.

Total area is 35 sqm.
1 Studio room and 1 Bathroom
5500 THB per month depending on which floor and contract.

Deposit for 2 months. prepaid for 1 month. (Total 3 months payment before move-in)

Interior Furniture and equipment are
: Bed ,Fridge ,Air-con
a Table and two stool

In the Building ,there is CCTV system and Keycard system

Please contact 
0844699747 - Tan
0817144477 - Pa
LINE ID = papasida


  • Monthly:

    5,200 - 5,400THB/month
  • Deposit:

    10,400 Baht
  • Advance payment:

    5,200 Baht
  • Electric price:

    5 THB/unit
  • Water price:

    11 THB/unit
  • Service fee:

  • Phone:

    No phone service
  • Internet:

    No internet service

Room Type

Room Type
Monthly Rental
(Contract 1 year)
Daily Rental
Short Contract
Room Status
35 sq.m.
5,200 - 5,400 THB


Air Conditioner
Water Heater
Kitchen Stove
In-room WIFI
Cable TV
Bicycle Parking
Security keycard
Security finger print
Restaurant/Food Shop
Convenient Store
Beauty Salon in Building
EV Charger

Nearby Places

Nearby trains

  • MRT Talad Bang Yai(8)210 m. away

Shopping Mall/Market

Nearby neighborhoods

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